SlingLink Powerline Ethernet Adapters Announced for Slingbox

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slinglink_turbo_us_1.gifSling Media, Inc., our favorite placeshifting company, has announced today the addition of the SlingLink™ TURBO 1 Port and SlingLink TURBO 4 Port, two new HomePlug® powerline solutions designed to simplify connecting your Slingbox and other home entertainment devices to your network.

We are always excited about new products from Sling Media, especially ones which help us avoid having to rip holes in our walls. SlingLink also keeps you from having to buy a wireless network adapter for each of your devices. Just plug them all into the SlingLink.

Each new SlingLink is packaged as a pair. Plug in one SlingLink TURBO into the wall near your router, and plug in the other SlingLink TURBO wherever you have your Slingbox installed.

The difference between the two products is the SlingLink TURBO 1 Port connects to one device, like a Slingbox, while the SlingLink TURBO 4 Port connects up to four devices such as a DVR, gaming console or any Ethernet-based consumer electronic product.

These new products are available today from Sling Media’s web site,, for an MSRP of $99.99 and $149.99 respectively.