SlingPlayer Mobile iPhone App In iTunes Store & Blackberry Version Exits Beta

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Mobile TV viewing is growing in popularity by the day, and SlingPlayer Mobile is a big part of that. Already available on many smartphones, SlingPlayer Mobile is now officially on its way to the iPhone, if, of course, Apple gives it the all-clear.


For those unaware of Sling Media, the Slingbox, or SlingPlayer Mobile, a quick explanation. The Slingbox is a device which once hooked up to your other equipment and your Broadband router allows you to watch TV anywhere in the world on your computer.

Not only this, but you can also control your TV, cable box, DVR, or whatever from afar. It’s an essential piece of equipment for those people who spend long stretches of time away from home but don’t want to get back to their house with a plethora of television content to catch up on.

Smartphone Mobile App

The Slingbox seems made for interaction with the new breed of smartphones. Combining the two pieces of technology would be a dream for people who want to be able to watch television on the move. Sling Media agrees, and has spent the last few months developing and releasing SlingPlayer Mobile for as many platforms as possible.

The SlingPlayer Mobile App is now available for BlackBerry, Windows Smartphone and Pocket PC, and Palm amongst others, The mobile app means Slingbox owners can now do everything they previously needed a laptop to do using just their compatible smartphone.

Blackberry and iPhone

The Blackberry version has now come out of beta after finally being released in December after a long wait. Sling Media is offering a free 30-day trial of SlingPlayer Mobile for Blackberry which you can get your hands on by visiting on your Blackberry. The full version costs $29.99, which may seem hefty but is quite a bargain when you consider the amount you get for your money.

Even more exciting is the news that SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone looks like finally being on its way. The app has been rumored and anticipated ever since Apple released the iPhone. It was first seen in public at Macworld 2009, and CNET takes a first look at how it works in the video below.

Finally On Way

Sling Media has now announced that it has submitted SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone to the iTunes App Store. The last stage before it finally appears is for Apple to approve it. This is highly likely but Apple has a history of wanting to over-control its business and could still put a spanner in the works.

Update: Slingplayer iPhone App is Here

Apple did approve the app and it is available to download here.

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