Video Apps For Your Apple iPhone 3G | vSNAX, Truveo and mDialog Offer Free Alternatives

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Video Apps For Your Apple iPhone 3GThe new Apple iPhone 3G was released a few days ago, and assuming you were one of the lucky few to get your hands on one over its first weekend on sale, you now probably want some new apps on it.

In term of ways of watching video, the choices aren’t exactly numerous, but there are a few ways to watch video on your brand, spanking new iPhone 2, even if you aren’t in to porn films.

NewTeeVee went searching on the Apple App Store, and came up with three alternatives for you to get your mobile video fix on your Apple device. And excellently, they are all free to use.

Video Apps For Your iPhone

vSNAX – This is a video app from Rhythm NewMedia which offers content from sources such as CBS, Spike, VH1, G4, and The Style Network, direct to your iPhone.

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Truveo – Rather than providing video content, this is a well known video search engine owned by AOL which finds videos to play on your iPhone.

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mDialog – This app, also free, offers video sharing, with content being viewable on the iPhone, and Apple TV, as well as on your computer.

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Future Options

The iPhone has a lot of potential, and is leading the way in the emergence of smart phones, which are going to be vitally important for mobile video to become the norm, rather than a novelty.

So why are video apps for the iPhone so thin on the ground? It could be because developers are reticent about putting time and energy in to creating a tool for the product when Apple could come in with something more official in the future, and charge users for the privilege too.

There is another option of course, in getting your iPhone jailbroken, which has already happened to many iPhone 3Gs. Then, your choices become rather more varied.