Wimbledon Tennis Championships Live Online | All The Action On The Web For A Fee

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Wimbledon Tennis Championships Live OnlineThe annual tennis championships at Wimbledon in London, England yesterday, and for the third year in a row, all the action is available online to either stream live or download later.

Unfortunately it isn’t free. The cost is £12.90 for UK residents or $24.99 for those elsewhere. This does however buy you an all access pass to every match and all the highlights for the duration of the tournament.

Windows Only Yet Again

Once again though, Apple Mac and Linux users miss out, with a computer running a Windows OS among the system requirements for the service. This is obviously down to the DRM issues involved.

Online video coverage of sports is becoming big business. Basketball, baseball and golf have all enjoyed a boost in the amount of viewers turning to the Web for live and on-demand coverage.

Free Vs Subscription

However, these sports were in the main offered for free, whereas Wimbledon is trying to make some money from the whole thing. So whether tennis enjoys the same lift in online viewer numbers remains to be seen.

It will be interesting in terms of looking forward to the forthcoming Olympics though. The NBC coverage will be free online, a move which John Malone thinks will fail spectacularly.

However, it should at least give a good indication of the potential viewing figures possible for a huge worldwide sporting event, and determine whether such events will be free or subscription only in the future.

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