The Ring 2.0 Spirit-Shifter Review | Supernatural Entities to Visit your PC or Mobile Device!

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Creepy supernatural visitors are no longer restricted simply to your home TV!

Cursed video cassettes are no longer limited to the home television but can now be shared across PC and mobile devices!

What is the Ring 2.0 Spirit-Shifter

If you’ve received a cursed video cassette that, when viewed, unleashes a creepy spirit into the house that kills you, you might be wondering, “Hmmm, how would I unleash this same evil via my home PC?”

Well, look no further than the Ring 2.0 Spirit-shifting Device. Once hooked up to your home cable system, simply play whatever cursed media you’ve acquired and the Ring 2.0 will transfer this directly to you home PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Spirit-Shifting on a PC?

The manufacturer, Promise Tech of Korea, sent us an announcement of the launch of their prototype:

The Ring 2.0 presents an all-new level of spirit media transportation. Now, when a consumer receives a spiritual video item that can only be viewed on a VCR or even, a betamax system, the Ring 2.0 will have the ability to transport all of that energy directly to the user’s PC or mobile device.

We feel that this device will be revolutionary in aiding spiritualists across the world transfer energy and spiritual feeling to anyone, anywhere.

Disturbing Reviews

Consumer reviews we’ve received were mixed, ranging from comments such as “Hey, it works, it arrrghhh!!!” to “The initial setup was troublesome, but now it looks like it’s working and aaaaiiieeee!!” I think some people were getting this just as a joke, but there’s the odd one that seem a bit too involved.

Jane Lowry of Minnesota, one of the first to get the hands on a beta device, discusses using the Spirit Shifter to send the VCR signal to her PC and then over the internet, to assist with a worldwide group seance.

“Several of us across Europe and the States used the Spirit Shifter to feel the voice of the spirit in simultaneous harmony across the world. The spirit, who we know as Mendel, had a strong connection with the The Pawnbroker [a 1965 holocaust survival movie] which he felt echoed his own tragic life. When he died in 1972 his spirit remained and we could only summon him when playing his original VCR copy of The Pawnbroker.”

“Mendel visits homes of his past throughout Europe and here in the U.S where he passed away. Using the Spirit Shifter we broadcast The Pawnbroker to our friends in Europe and simultaneously spoke to the spirit. At the same time across the world he spelled out the names of his deceased children, as he always does during a seance. While we were unsuccessful in persuading him to move on to the afterlife, we proved that a spirit has the power to reside in more than one place at the same time.”

Miss Lowry went on to discuss how technology and spirituality can work together:

“Many people see spirituality and technology as being mutually exclusive, but just like our voices can travel through radio waves, there is no reason why supernatural forces cannot be transformed to other forms of energy.”

Haunting Specs

The device does come with the typical AV inputs. However, unique to the device is the specially designed cable attached to a ‘spirit-cover’ which has been treated with holy water. This cover is to be placed over the VCR to capture and channel and supernatural forces.

Currently a prototype is only available and Promise Tech is looking for commercial partners in the United States to bring it to the consumer market. A 2010 launch date is expected.

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