Roku Box Now Available At Retail | Best Buy Stocking Roku XD With Netflix, Hulu Plus Etc.

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Roku XDRoku may not have the name or advertising budget of the likes of Apple or Google, but it has a good yet affordable product available. And now that it has a retailer stocking its wares, it may be set to gain a bigger audience than ever before.

Connected TV Market

The connected TV market is an increasingly crowded one, and in such a crowded market there will inevitably be winners and losers.

With such big names trying to stamp their authority on the sector – Apple, Google, Boxee, Logitech – you’d imagine a company such as Roku would struggle to compete, but in fact, things have gone from strength to strength for the young upstart.

After having shifted 1 million devices between 2008 and 2010, Roku is now setting off on the next leg of its tour up the greasy pole of consumerism, with a position on the shelves of Best Buy, the primary electronics retail store in much of the United States.

Roku Goes Retail At Best Buy and Beyond

The Roku Box has so far only been available to buy online, either through the dedicated website, or through retailers such as But thanks to a deal with Best Buy and other companies, the Roku Box will now be a presence in a physical retail location.

Anthony Wood, founder and CEO of Roku, said in a statement:

“Having sold over 1 million Roku players through online sales only up until now, we are incredibly excited to announce our entrance into brick and mortar retail with nationwide availability from the preeminent consumer electronics retailer. Customers can now grab a Roku off the shelf at Best Buy, take it home and be up and running, enjoying their favorite TV show, movie, music or sports team in just a matter of minutes.”

The current line-up of Roku boxes is the Roku XDS for $99, the Roku XD for $79, and the Roku HD for just $59. The Roku XD is the model that you’ll find on the shelves at Best Buy as well as BJ’s Wholesale Club, Fry’s Electronics, and RadioShack.


This could help Roku immensely. Being available to buy online is all well and good, but it requires someone knowing about a product and seeking it out in order to make a purchase. Being available at Best Buy means the Roku XD could become an impulse buy for anyone keen on the idea. I’m guessing the next 1 million sales will come quicker than the first.

[Via PC World]

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