Roku Set-Top Boxes Line-Up Increase & New Channels Promised As Netflix Comes To PS3

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Roku BoxThe Roku Box, which started life as the Roku Netflix player before evolving to its current form, is getting some brothers in the shape of two new boxes. Roku is also promising new channels will be coming to the service soon. Which, with Netflix now headed for the PS3, is needed more than ever.

Roku and Netflix

Roku started out relying on Netflix’ ‘Watch Instantly’ streaming service as the be all and end all of its content offering to buyers of the $99 box. But since launching in May 2008, other content channels have been added, including Amazon Video-on-Demand and MLB TV.

Netflix soon moved on to a host of other set-top boxes and devices, including the Xbox 360, Internet-enabled televisions, and hybrid Blu-ray players. And it’s now adding a new one to its line-up in the shape of the Playstation 3.

Netflix On PS3

Netflix announced it would soon be available on the PS3 console the day after I speculated as much. The news comes right on the back of the company’s latest earnings report where more platforms were promised and a move into international territories was also teased for the future.

Netflix has until now had an exclusive deal with Microsoft but the move to the PS3 brings that to an abrupt end. From November, PS3 owners with a Netflix subscription will be able to stream Netflix’ ‘Watch Instantly’ through their Sony console.

Roku Line-Up Increased

Roku, meanwhile, is busy trying to persuade more people to buy a Roku box.

It’s introducing two new boxes in an effort to increase its potential demographic. According to CNET, the current box will be renamed the Roku HD Player, with the Roku HD XR Player priced at $130 boasting a faster Wi-Fi connection and a USB port. For those on a budget, the Roku SD Player, with no HDMI option, will retail for just $80.

Roku is also launching the ‘Roku Channel Store’ next month which will see more of both free and paid-for options available. According to Ars Technica, these will include Revision3, TWiT TV, Mediafly, Motionbox, and


Netflix surely cannot fail with its roll-out to other devices, and the PS3 is a great one with its huge installed user-base. While Roku seems to finally be getting its act together after a slow start, with a wider range of boxes to suit all tastes and budgets, and a new channel line-up.

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