HD Vudu Movies Come To Boxee, Just In Time For Release Of The Boxee Box In November

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Boxee BoxTake one software platform which needs hardware to reach viewers, and one new hardware manufacturer that needs as much content as possible in order to compete with the likes of Google TV and Apple TV. Vudu and Boxee make a wonderful couple.

Vudu & Boxee

Vudu was a hardware-based video platform which then switched to software, as so many others have previously. Acquired by Wal-Mart early in 2010, Vudu now offers its service through other Internet-connected devices including televisions and Blu-ray players from multiple manufacturers.

Boxee is best-known for its cross-platform, open-source media center which uses hundreds of sources to enable the consumption of media on computers and in living rooms. But Boxee has headed in the opposite direction to Vudu, with a set-top box due for release next month.

Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me.

Vudu Comes To Boxee

Vudu and Boxee today announced they’re forming a new relationship. A new Vudu app is heading for Boxee, with users of both the latter’s desktop client and the new Boxee Box due to be released next month gaining access to the former’s movie content.

The only difference between the two is SD vs HD. Due to those dreaded DRM constraints, Boxee desktop users will only be able to watch Vudu movies in standard-definition, while those using the app on their brand spanking new Boxee Box will be able to watch the same content in glorious 1080p high-def.

More than 3,000 HD movies, including some recent Hollywood blockbusters, are available on Vudu, all costing just $2 for two nights. The first rental will be free, however, with all Boxee users able to enjoy one rental for no charge.


Although I hate to say it, Google TV and Apple TV have obviously dented the Boxee Box’s chances of succeeding in an increasingly-crowded market. But this deal could potentially help make Boxee a competitor once again. Especially if further deals are finalized in coming weeks.