Mogulus Finally Adds Video On Demand

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Mogulus Finally Adds Video On DemandWhen Mogulus launched properly last November after spending a few months in beta, it enabled anyone and everyone to become television channel owners, and broadcasters.

Amongst the features that Mogulus offered straight away were the ability to stream 24/7, and adding TV like special effects, and all this for free.

However, one thing which was missing was the ability to replay live broadcasts as and when you wanted, meaning if you weren’t online at the time of the streaming, then too bad.

Video On Demand Arrives

Until today that is, when on the company blog, Mogulus announced the introduction of the long awaited and eagerly asked for on demand feature.

This gives content producers the chance to offer a “fully customizable, real-time, on-demand library of videos and recordings.”

This just adds another layer of goodness to what is already a very impressive service, and keeps Mogulus in the running for success in what is an increasingly crowded market.