Mogulus Launches After Long Private Beta | You Too Can Have Your Own TV Channel

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Mogulus Launches After Long Private Beta | You Too Can Have Your Own TV ChannelMogulus, a New York based video start up company, has been running in private closed beta for over four months.

It has now finally been unveiled to the world, and mightily impressive it is too.

Mogulus used last week’s NewTeeVee Live conference as the place to launch, and used the platform to broadcast the whole conference as well, just to show off its capabilities.

A Micro TV Studio

We first took a look at Mogulus back in May, where we were amazed by the incredible options at your fingertips. Michael Pick even described it at the time as “a micro-TV studio packed into a web browser”.

In July we also ran an interview between Robin Good and Max Haot, the CEO of Mogulus, where we found out a bit about Haot himself, as well as some insights in to the company set up and aims.

So what has happened to the company and platform since then?

Well, firstly Mogulus has become an incredible success, with Haot claiming:

“It has become one of the most popular live streaming applications in Internet history. More than 17,000 producers with beta access created more than 18,000 live 24/7 channels and streamed more than 12 million unique viewer minutes a month.”

That’s certainly impressive figures, and now the company is out of beta and open to anyone with a webcam and access to the internet, they’re sure to grow even more.

Huge Range Of Options

So what can you do using Mogulus? Well, the options open to you are huge, including the ability to:-

  • Create live online channels with streaming footage 24/7
  • Collaborate with other producers anywhere in the world, on camera and behind the scenes
  • Add motion graphics, station idents, and other great looking TV-like effects
  • Create auto-pilot playlists that will continue to serve up your content, even when you are offline
  • Mix all of these elements live and on-the-fly from an intuitive studio interface

The Mogulus Grid

Mogulus also announced yet another new feature, called the Mogulus grid, which should help the start up compete ever more with companies offering similar services, such as Joost, and Brightcove.

The grid enables you to watch 26 live Mogulus channels and chat with every other viewer. Even if none of the 26 are to your liking, you can also browse or search for something that is, by using the programme guide.


Mogulus is already phenomenally successful, offering a range of options, and an ease of use to internet video producers that hasn’t been seen up to now.

With in-stream advertising on its way, and new channels launching all the time, Mogulus is set to become huge. It puts the ability to produce web tv in the hands of the masses, and that is no mean feat.