Flickr Users Revolt Over Addition Of Videos – They Don’t Want To Become YouTube

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Maybe Flickr Should Have Just Stuck To PhotosWhen Flickr introduced the ability to share videos as well as photos last week, some were keen on the move, and some were not so keen. Now, some in the latter are vehemently voicing their opinions over the move to rival YouTube.

It seems your average Flickr user sees themselves as a little bit different to the bods who populate YouTube, and leave dumb comments all over the place. Some would say they’re stuck, some would use the word purist.

Either way, the stuck up purists aren’t happy with the people in charge of Flickr, not liking the direction the site is going in, or the way the new video option was implemented.

Vociferous Moaning

One group on the site has attracted over 27,000 members, while other have taken to tagging all their photos with “Novideo” to get their point across.

The official forum thread for feedback to Video on Flickr currently has 3,806 responses, the majority of which are not very positive about the move.

Purism At Its Best

Many seem to be worried that this move means the site could become more like YouTube, and clearly some stuck up purists are not going to like the idea.

Whatever happens, and however much people complain, it’s done, it’s happened, and there’s no going back. For better or worse, Flickr now offers the chance to share short videos as well as photos. Deal with it.