MetaCafe to Launch Static Video Ads Similar to YouTube with

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MetaCafe LogoMetaCafe will be taking a similar approach to advertising as YouTube by inserting static text-based adverts within video clips on its website.

MetaCafe has partnered with to provide these adverts. is a new online video advertising platform that has just launched publically. The company allows publishers and advertisers to match relevant advertising with online video content.’s partnership with MetaCafe is very substantial given that MetaCafe is one of the leading video sharing sites and has an estimated 20 million visitors a month.

About, which was founded in 2006, sets itself apart from competitors Yume Networks and Tremor Media by serving only static text with an accompanying small image over videos.

Adverts and videos will be matched together based on video metadata, learning from user habits, natural language processing and other methods. Adverts will be charged using a cost per click method.

MetaCafe Ads

MetaCafe will be using to show adverts on videos that are related to computer gaming and travel. The screenshot below gives an example of how the ads will appear – although these ads do not appear to be actually active on the Metacafe website.

MetaCafe Adverts

Notice the similarity to the YouTube ads.

[Screenshot Via NewTeeVee]