Metacafe Launches New Facebook Video Application | Search, Share, Comment

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Metacafe LogoMetacafe has just launched their new Facebook application.
Metacafe is the 3rd largest video site in the world, and this new application
will only add to its popularity.

Facebook users can now search through all the videos on
Metacafe, see what is popular, both in your network, and on Metacafe itself,
share videos with friends, and leave comments.

This application also makes use of MetaCafe’s new user
feature, which allows anyone to create, update and promote their very
own video channels on Metacafe

Subscribe To Your Favorite Channels

This will allow users to subscribe to
their favorite channels, which are more likely to have content that
suit their tastes and interests. 

It does not, however, seem to have a
way to display your custom user channel on your Facebook profile.
Perhaps that will come with a future release.

If you want to upload a new video to MetaCafe to include on
profile or share with others, you will have to log directly on to, because the upload feature is not available from within

Not to mention the fact that the Facebook application does
integrate with your MetaCafe account, if you happen to have one.

Functionality of the MetaCafe Facebook application includes
ability to share videos with any number of friends and the ability to
add clips to a play list which is then displayed on your profile.


Overall, the MetaCafe application seems useful, but still
some modifications. I know that MetaCafe is a video community that is
still growing, but YouTube
is bigger and could probably be more interesting on Facebook, as it has
a much larger library of videos.

Despite this, I do recommend this tool and I commend MetaCafe
their work on it. The purpose of viral video is to share and keep the
videos spreading, which is exactly what MetaCafe’s Facebook application
should help to do.

If you do happen to be a fan of MetaCafe, this application
is for you.

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