How To Do Everything With Online Video Book Review | From Production To Promotion

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How to Do Everything with Online Video LogoDo you ever feel like you are being left behind when it comes to the revolution that is Web video? You may not know where to begin, or need help in the production, editing or uploading of video to the Internet.

Luckily there are resources designed to help you get you started on the road to producing high-quality videos to share on sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Metacafe.

One of these resources is a book titled How To Do Everything With Online Video, part of the How To Do Everything series of books which take you through the process from beginning to end and give you a nice overview of the skills and equipment needed.

The Ultimate Guide To Online Video

The book is billed as “the ultimate guide to planning, creating, editing, and sharing video content online” and the range of topics covered include shooting and editing videos, preparing clips for posting, and how to share projects through websites, blogs, and podcasts.

The book was written by Andrew Shalat, a writer, author and consultant on many tech subjects. The book has 12 chapters, and 270 pages full of fact-filled advice for both PC and Mac owners.

Nicely Laid Out

If you buy the book, you can expect to read hands-on tutorials, covering much of the best video editing software, as well as an overview of camera techniques, story-telling concepts, and advice on lighting and sound.

The chapters are nicely laid-out and easy to read. The text is purely black and white, and there are a woefully small number of screenshots, but despite that, the guidelines are very easy to follow, even for beginners.

Whether you are just starting out in the world of Web video, or have dabbled but need to know how to optimize you video output, then this book could prove to be an invaluable purchase.

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