How Is Hulu Faring? | New Study Shows Low Take Up, But High Satisfaction Rating

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How Is Hulu Faring?Hulu is one of the leading lights in the fight to get traditional television, and Web television to converge. But as it comes up to it first anniversary, how is it actually doing?

Solutions Research Group recently conducted a study in to the state of Hulu, as reported by TVWeek. It shows the demographic who are watching, and the customer satisfaction ratings.

Struggling To Gain Traction

Most importantly, it seems that despite being heavily promoted, the majority of Americans still don’t know about the Fox/NBC-owned Hulu, with just 15% of the online US population having ever heard of the site.

The average age of a Hulu user is 32, while two-thirds are male. Interestingly, their average income is 22% higher than the US average.

High Satisfaction Rating

Hulu users gave the thumbs up to the main thrust of the site, being able to watch an old episode of a classic TV show, and being able to watch recent episodes they may have missed. They also love that it’s free, naturally.

The only real complaint is that only the most recent episodes of certain shows are available. Personally, my complaint is that Hulu is only available in the US, meaning I can’t even sample the offerings.