GeoBeats Partner With blinkx | Avoiding Holiday Hiccups With Broadband Video

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geobeats-blinkx.jpgTime for rest and recuperation is essential which is why it is important to avoid any unnecessary stress when you go on holiday.

There could be nothing worse than jetting off to what you are assured is a peaceful Mediterranean paradise only to find yourself neck deep in drunk revellers, building sites and stolen travellers checks (i.e. a club 18 to 30 holiday).

Never fear however as GeoBeats, the video travel guide guru has teamed up with the video search engine hyperlord, blinkx, to help arm you with some up-to-date concrete video evidence that your destination of choice doesn’t resemble the ninth circle of Hell.

The distribution deal essentially means that GeoBeats online destination media will be indexed within blinkx’s 14 million hours (wowzers!) of searchable video.

The deal will see GeoBeats join the likes of The New York Times, BBC News, and Reuters segments on blinkx’s list of media partners. Not the best timing, seeing as holiday season is about to end and all, but still welcome news nonetheless.

[Via Press Release]