KnockaTV Unveiled | ICQ Inventors to Launch Web TV Station

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A new online TV channel called KnockaTV has just been revealed, accompanied by the winsome tagline ‘The People Have Taken Over.’

Knocka.TV… the latest from the inventors of ICQ, the web’s first Instant Messenger ( Building on our success with bringing people together on the web, we’ve created a new form of television!. It’s social and real. It’s hyper-interactive and creative. Best of all, it’s democratic. Knocka lets the People decide what’s on TV, playing only original videos
from the best web video producers in a professional TV broadcasting style.

A quick visit to the site (which is still in its early stages) reveals what appears to be a very professional outfit which is little wonder considering the talent involved. The masterminds behind the scenes are the same responsible for the instant messaging service ICQ, whose parent company was acquired by AOL for $408 million in 1998. Not exactly lightweights then.

Looks like KnockaTV could be a serious contender; your ever faithful WebTVWire has signed up for the Beta, so as soon as we know more we will post it here.

[Via KnockaTV]