– The video search engine that also relies on speech recognition

Blinkx Remote | Find & Watch Free Episodes Of Your Favourite TV Programmes Online

The amount of officially sanctioned free television content on the Web is growing rapidly. The problem is: many people don’t yet...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Blinkx Shares Rise On Takeover Speculation | Google and News Corp May Be Interested

Blinkx is currently the largest and most advanced Internet video search engine in the world. Something that seems to be of...
Dave Parrack
41 sec read

Blinkx Launch BBTV | Could The Speech Track Innovation Make This A Joost, Hulu Killer?

You may think the world already has enough Web TV applications to be going on with. But the likes of Joost,...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

AdHoc Video Advertising Launched By Blinkx | Google Adsense Beaten At Their Own Game

Showing how quickly the Internet TV and online video business moves these days, Blinkx has launched its own advertising platform just...
Michael Garrett
1 min read

GeoBeats Partner With blinkx | Avoiding Holiday Hiccups With Broadband Video

Time for rest and recuperation is essential which is why it is important to avoid any unnecessary stress when you go...
Fraser MacInnes
37 sec read Leads Video Search | 14 Million Hours of Content Indexed

Blinkx already claims to be the world’s largest video search engine, but yesterday it reached new heights – 14,000,000 hours of...
Clayton Moulynox
32 sec read

BBTV From Blinkx | Internet TV To Rival Joost

Joost may be the biggest and best known service for providing video on demand, but the amount of challengers to its...
Dave Parrack
55 sec read

Blinkx Grows its Video Index with Travelistic Travel Videos

Blinkx is quickly standing out as the online video search engine that is indexing videos from more video sites than anywhere...
Chris Tew
22 sec read

Blinkx announces Blinkx Remote for finding TV shows online

Blinkx has announced a new tool called Blinkx remote to help you find free and paid TV shows online. Read about...
Chris Tew
2 min read

Blinkx adds VideoJug to search index

VideoJug, one of the major instructional ‘How-to’ video sites, has inked a deal with Blinkx to have its videos made available...
Chris Tew
39 sec read

SEO for Video | Blinkx Search Engine Optimization Wiki for Video

If you run a website that hosts video, or if you have a video podcast or upload online videos then you...
Chris Tew
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Blinkx It!

Blinkx is a video clip search engine that uses speech-to-text transcription technology to index online video, including both user-generated and commercial...
Chris Tew
36 sec read

The Growth of Internet Video | Are Video Search Engines the Next to Boom?

We know that internet video has really taken off but just take a look at the growth of some example video...
Chris Tew
2 min read