‘Easy Guide To Web Video’ DVD Review | A Step-By-Step Guide To Online Video Skills

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Easy Guide To Web Video DVDVideo may be taking over the Internet but there are many people still unsure about Web video. Which is why this DVD could prove invaluable.

Although its hard for people who use Web video on a daily basis to believe, there are many Internet users who are completely in the dark about the power of Internet video and how to utilise it.

Learning The Ropes

While sites such as YouTube continue to grab viewers attention, the revolution that is Web video is still at quite an early stage and many Web users are still learning the ropes.

We’ve reviewed quite a few books intended to give a grounding for those people looking to move in to the world of Web video, and now we have a review of a DVD intended to do exactly the same thing.

From Books To DVD

In the same way that the How To Do Everything With Online Video and Mastering Internet Video: A Guide to Streaming and On-Demand Video books tried to give an entry-level view of Web video, so does this DVD.

The Easy Guide To Web Video DVD offers a step-by-step guide to capturing, preparing, uploading, and sharing video on the Internet. And being a DVD means it has an added advantage in offering visual guides to the processes involved.

This DVD, directed by Bill Myers, offers advice on everything you’ll need to know to get started with Web video. And it’s all presented in simple steps with clear instructions.

Huge Range Of Topics

The range of topics covered on this 68 minute DVD include:-

  • Why you’ll want to have video on the web.
  • How having video on the web can increase sales on your website.
  • How to quickly have your own video channel for free.
  • How to almost instantly create web video from photographs.
  • How to capture video from your camcorder to your computer.
  • How to prepare your video for the web.
  • How to add graphics to your videos – and why you’ll want to.
  • How to add background music to your videos.
  • How to render video to get the best quality on the web.
  • How to upload videos to YouTube, Google Video, and MetaCafe.
  • How to get paid for the videos you upload to the web.
  • How to share your videos with others.
  • How to convert your videos into flash.


This DVD caters for anyone new to the world of Web video, and so people with existing knowledge need not buy it.

For everyone else, it’s a must see if you want to become part of the video revolution currently shaping the Internet.

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