Could YouTube Be Planning Subscription Based Channels? Would Viewers Pay For The Privilege?

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YouTube LiveThe world is changing, and the Internet is playing a more-important role in our daily lives than ever before. That isn’t going to change, and the more forward-thinking websites are already looking to a future in which they can dominate.

YouTube Revenues

Up to this point YouTube has struggled to make ends meet. Google, which has owned YouTube since November 2006, has monetized the site with all kinds of different adverts, but the site has hefty costs associated with it which means it’s likely only breaking even. Despite racking up 4 billion views per day.

However, YouTube is now ubiquitous, to the point at which we all YouTube a video in the same way we Google a search term. And that gives YouTube incredible power as the world transitions from old media to Internet-powered new media.

YouTube Channels

YouTube is busy rolling out 100+ channels full of original programming. All of which will be free to watch, as everything is on YouTube apart from the movie sales and rentals. But that may not always be the case.

At a recent conference, YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar spoke about how video makes money at present; 20 percent from sales and rentals, 40 percent from subscriptions, 40 percent from advertising. He believes advertising will take a greater percentage as time goes on.

YouTube Subscriptions?

However, Kamangar refused to rule out the possibility of YouTube getting into the subscription business. The site could, for instance, give channel owners the chance to put their content behind a subscription paywall.

He used the example of yoga channels, which would be packed full of instructional yoga videos but only be accessible to those willing to pay for the privilege.


Would many people be willing to pay? Perhaps not right now, but in the future when everything is Internet based? Sure. Especially if the content is specialized and offered on a pay-only-for-what-you-want basis. Unlike cable companies at the moment, which bundle a load of crap in with the few channels people actually want.

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