Clicker – Online Video Guide Startup – Raises $11 Million In Funding | Traffic To Follow?

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Clicker Online Guide LogoIt’s all well and good having a multitude of different options for watching TV on the Web – and the options are increasing all the time – but you need to be able to find the content to be able to watch it. Which is where Clicker comes in.

Clicker has just raised $11 in funding, and must be hoping that traffic will now follow.

But Where Is It?

There are so many ways of watching television online now. YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and the TV networks own Web sites are just a smattering. But with so many sources it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

Each site usually has its own search options, but what happens if you want to search further afield? There are a number of search engines dedicated to online video, and search engines such as Google and Bing also provide options.

However, these search the whole Web and can often get bogged down with videos that don’t fit your needs.

Clicker – What’s On Online

Clicker does things slightly differently. For starters, it only indexes professional content, be it TV shows or Web originals. And it searches 1,200 sources to find 600,000 episodes from 10,000 shows.

It’s a fast, free, and easy way to search for online video across the Web. And according to Media Memo, Clicker has recently secured $11 million in venture capital funding from JAFCO Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Redpoint Ventures, the latter of which contributed in an earlier round.

Clicker began life last January but went live last November. It plans to invest the money in engineering and building partnerships.

Funding = Traffic


must now be hoping this leads to more traffic. ComScore reports the site only received 226,000 uniques in January, although company CEO Jim Lanzone claims internal numbers are closer to 750,000. Either way, Clicker must be hoping the site starts building momentum to warrant the funding.