U.S. Presidential Debates | CNN and YouTube Partnership Overrated

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anderson_cooper.jpgNext month, CNN is hosting a Democratic Party debate in which questions for the Presidential candidates will be asked via YouTube clips.

I think this falls along the lines of being a gimmick more than anything new or innovative, though it does reinforce how internet video has become mainstream.

Hosted by Anderson Cooper, CNN will pick 30 or so clips of no more than 30 seconds each to be aired during the 2 hour debate. Since CNN has full editorial control, do not expect anything too shocking or even insightful. I am guessing everything will be generic.

The one good thing is maybe the debate audience will skew younger than normal though I wonder if the average YouTube user watches CNN. The reason why YouTube is so popular is because the users make the content. CNN, through editing, will make the questions seem scripted and lose that user-generated feel.