WorldTV | Another “create your own TV channel” startup

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World TV Logo

Joining the likes of SplashCast and CozmoTV is WorldTV, a new internet video startup currently bootstrapping in Ireland that is a result of 10 years of planning and ideas.

Like SplashCast and CozmoTV, WorldTV aims to allow people to create their own personal TV channels from existing videos posted around the net.

Private Beta

WorldTV is currently in private beta and I was lucky enough to get a personal invite from the WorldTV CEO, Alx Klive.

WorldTV is extremely simple to use and you are guided through every step. Name your channel; select some videos and you are away. It currently supports videos from Google, YouTube, AOL and Yahoo.

Once your channel is created it will be given a web address like (that’s a channel I quickly threw up).

Editing your channel

The editing of the channel is extremely user friendly too. You can search video sites within the editing suite and quickly add them to your channel by dragging and dropping.

World TV Editing Suite

Improvements needed

There is definitely room for improvement such as:

  • The ability to load up the whole playlist while watching the channel so you can skip between videos
  • An information bar that pops up when you move the mouse so you can see the details on what is playing.
  • The ability to remember what you have watched previously so the channel doesn’t start playing old videos.
  • The ability to embed the channel in other websites.

Having said that WorldTV looks extremely promising and I’ll be keeping a close eye on its progress. It is expected to launch publicly within 2 months.


8 Replies to “WorldTV | Another “create your own TV channel” startup”

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the comments!

    We’re really happy you like the beta and in particular your points on user-friendliness as it’s something we place great emphasis on. We also agree with many of your suggestions for improvements and at least a couple are features that are in active development!

    Keep up the great work with the blog!!

    Alx Klive, WorldTV

  2. Thanks for stopping by Alx.

    As soon as I have some time I will hit you up with an interview 🙂

    This whole area of creating your own channel is going to become very big.

  3. I have already a real tv station, and what i need is to broadcast my daily programs on the net. Is this possible with World Tv? If yes, technically, how should it be done? Thank you.

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  5. I am trying to get some help on how to set up a live web tv for my business.

  6. Hi, I am really excited about Broadcasting my TV show-but I will need sponsors- ‘Real Sponsors’ is that possible with a Web/TV show? The purpose of my TV show is to showcase local Teen Talent on my Cool TV show- but to use the show as a platform to expose Teens to technolgy programs for tech job opportunities and training. This country had just about given in to Tech Out sourcing to other countires and I believe we can change that direction with my TV show. I am going to edit the demo of the show by next week. where should I broadcast it so I can secure sponsors? There I go again, trying to save the world. I would love some help- this is my Life right now- I am determined to make this show a success. Thanks PC

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