BiggyTV | An interesting business model for Web TV

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BiggyTVBiggyTV, an internet TV start-up company, released a press release yesterday stating how it will meld new and old media for online video together in a unique business model where everyone gets paid.

BiggyTV is basically an on-demand internet TV station that concentrates on quality professional content and features an innovative monetization and distribution model.

It works like this (as far as I can tell):

  • A website owner places the BiggyTV viral player on their website
  • People can watch content through that little viral player. The content is updated regularly.
  • The video content can be matched to the theme of the site.
  • People can click on the little viral player to be taken to a full-size BiggyTV channel
  • The BiggyTV channels can only be accessed via the viral players. In other words you can’t go direct to BiggyTV to watch it; you go to the website which has the viral player.

How everyone makes money:

  • The publisher that has the BiggyTV viral player gets return visitors from people who keep coming to the site to watch BiggyTV.
  • Publishers get a share of the advertising revenue.
  • Content owners that allow BiggyTV to use their video get a share of the advertising revenue.
  • BiggyTV gets a share of the advertising revenue

Compare this to the many video sharing sites

  • Content owners don’t often receive any form of payment
  • Many videos are copyright infringements
  • Publishers don’t receive any form of payment

How BiggyTV attracts viewers

As a result of the BiggyTV content only being available directly through a publisher’s site, and because the publisher gets paid for sending viewers, publishers will be keen to signup and promote the video channel. Especially considering that the channel is matched to their audience and made to feel somewhat exclusive to their site.

All this traffic will obviously attract the advertisers and if those advertisers are sending dollars then it will be much easier to attract the quality content that BiggyTV is focusing on.

On the downside:

One thing that worries me is that BiggyTV has its head buried in ways to make everyone money, and not about delivering a quality service to the customer. Much like Joost the interface is a bit jittery and the content seems thin on the ground.

Also BiggyTV appears to be using pre-roll adverts which will instantly lose a lot of visitors that will turn off straight away after the sight of an ad.

Despite this it is definitely a very interesting idea and definitely a start-up to keep a watchful eye on.