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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Deals, Funding & Acquisitions, News, Video on Demand by Dave Parrack on January 25, 2013

zombieland-posterAmazon has taken on the episodic version of Zombieland in order to add to its Instant Video lineup. Which further cements the feeling that television networks are becoming a resource we could well do without, either now or in the near future.

Amazon Takes On Zombieland

Amazon is developing a TV series based on Zombieland, a hit movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and a cast of unnamed zombies. Oh, and featuring a cameo by Bill Murray.

Zombieland began life as a proposal for a TV series, with CBS buying a pilot. The network decided not to proceed, so writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick turned it into a screenplay for a movie which was eventually released in 2009.

There have been rumors of a sequel, which then morphed into rumors of a TV show based on the movie. That looks like it’s going ahead, but funding is coming from Amazon rather than CBS or any of the other big U.S. networks.

Zombieland looks set to be an Amazon Prime exclusive, but with the project only just getting underway it could be some time before it sees the light of day.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Deals, Funding & Acquisitions, News, Video on Demand by Dave Parrack on December 8, 2012

disney-logoNetflix has signed a new deal with Disney which will see first-run movies from the media company streaming through the service from 2016. This is a big deal for Netflix, and its shares immediately rose after the news was revealed.

Blurred Lines

The lines between release windows and methods of viewing content are being blurred more and more as time goes on. We’ve already seen films released on demand as well as, or sometimes even instead of, in theaters.

This trend is set to continue, especially as the streaming companies find more money to offer traditional media companies for their wares. Money talks, even (or perhaps especially) when it comes to the big players.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Internet Video Producers, News, Video on Demand, YouTube by Dave Parrack on November 27, 2012

gangnam-styleYou may very well be sick of Gangnam Style by now, but there are more people discovering this song every single day. With YouTube crucial to Gangnam Style becoming a worldwide phenomenon, it’s no wonder the PSY hit has become the most watched video on the site.

Most Liked, Most Viewed

Gangnam Style became the most liked video of all time on YouTube in September, knocking LMFAO off the top spot. Now, Gangnam Style has become the most viewed video of all time on YouTube as well.

This time PSY knocked Justin Bieber off the top spot, with his Baby having held the top spot since 2010. Gangnam Style has been watched more than 835 million times, and all since it was first posted to the Google-owned video-sharing site on July 15, 2012.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Hulu, News, TV Gadgets & Equipment, Video on Demand by Dave Parrack on November 21, 2012

hulu-plus-wii-u-gamepadNintendo launched the Wii U, its new home games console, in North America on Sunday (Nov. 18). Netflix and Hulu Plus are now both available through the Wii U, and both take advantage of the GamePad tablet controller to offer a second screen experience.


Netflix arrived on the Wii U on day one, with existing Netflix users able to access the app by signing in. Non-members are instead invited to sign up for a free trial.

The Netflix app on Wii U takes advantage of the GamePad, the tablet-style controller that is Nintendo’s big idea with this console. Information about whatever you’re watching shows up on both the television and the GamePad, while the latter acts as a remote control while content is being played on the TV.

By selecting the ‘Play on GamePad‘ option playback switches from the TV to the controller, which also supports 1080p video. In this way you can leave the room while continuing to watch whatever content was previously playing on the television.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Hulu, News, Video Sharing & Video Clips, Video on Demand by Dave Parrack on November 16, 2012

hulu-kidsHulu Kids is a new dedicated section for children where Hulu will host commercial-free programming for younger generations. This is something Netflix introduced a while back, but for Hulu it’s a case of better late than never.

The Internet Generation

Children have always been avid television viewers. They’re also very open to new experiences, so many have switched to online options such as YouTube, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer much more quickly and readily than their parents.

This means that the online television portals have a need to cater to this younger generation of viewers, or risk losing them to the competition. With the online video sector still evolving, losing young viewers now could mean losing them for the longterm.

Netflix introduced a section named ‘Just For Kids‘ that is, unsurprisingly, just for kids, some time ago, and now Hulu has finally followed suit.

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microsoft-netflixRumors are building that Microsoft is preparing to make a bid for Netflix. Rumors that have helped the Netflix stock price jump considerably. But does the unsubstantiated rumor make any sense, or is it just a shot in the dark?

Microsoft Buying Netflix?

The rumors that Microsoft was preparing to buy Netflix reportedly spread like wildfire around Wall Street last week, with the tipping point likely to have been Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stepping down from the Microsoft board of directors. An incoming acquisition bid could be the reason for this move, but there are many other possible reasons too, including the fact that Hastings is too busy to fulfill his role.

CNET is reporting that the rumors claimed Microsoft is willing to pay $90-per-share to get Netflix. Which seems reasonable, especially as the company is now on the rise again after its troubles of 2011. The rumors meant that Netflix stock rose by over 10 percent on Friday (Oct. 26).

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Hulu, Market Growth & Research, News, Video on Demand by Dave Parrack on October 28, 2012

hulu-logoIt looks as though Hulu is on the slide, as the Disney, NBC, and News Corp. co-owned service is reportedly losing viewers at an alarming rate. This could explain why the partners were so keen to sell the company last year.

Hulu Losing Viewers

According to Wedbush Securities using comScore data, Hulu viewership has dropped sharply during the course of 2012. In March users watched 156 hours of content through the website, but by August that had dropped to 56 million hours. As a result Hulu’s market penetration has dropped from 3.9 percent to just 1.5 percent.

This is bad news for Hulu, and it looks as though Providence Equity Partners may have chosen the right moment to sell its stake. The questions over the decline have to be why is it happening, and why now?

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