Socialcam Goes Startup | Spins Off Mobile Video Sharing App, Focuses On TwitchTV

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Socialcam LogoMost startups struggle to reach any real level of market penetration. But the guys at seem to be making a habit of starting projects which are really becoming a force to be reckoned with. Leading to them being left to fend for themselves.

Socialcam Startup

In the spring of 2011 launched a mobile sharing app that was designed to do for video what Instagram has done for photos. That being allowing smartphone users to share them with others across a range of platforms, social networks, and websites easily.

In the six months since the app made its debut it has become a major player in the market alongside the likes of BlipSnip, Viddy, and Vlix. So much so that Socialcam is being spun off from to be its own, independent entity housed in Founders Den in San Francisco. co-founder and current CEO will be going with it and taking a small band of select engineers with him. will retain a stake in the new company, with additional funding and backers now being actively sought.


Seibel is being replaced as CEO of by CTO Emmet Shear, who is charged with pushing TwitchTV (a live streaming video games portal launched in June) onto even greater things than it has already achieved.

I can only imagine TwitchTV will eventually be spun off into its own company as well. After all, 8 million viewers watching 1 billion minutes of video every month would suggest there’s a future for this endeavor. Which leaves me to question whether the original is being hung out to dry?

So What About

is one of a number of live streaming video companies which offer people the chance to effectively broadcast online as if they owned their own TV station. But it’s a market that seems to have reached a certain point and remained there, slowly flatlining.

While it’s still a popular destination, there is clearly some effort by the execs to move into other territories rather than risk losing momentum to the point at which they do a Joost. Because no one wants that kind of memorial.

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