New YouTube Video Editor Goes Live | Image Stabilization, Color, Contrast, and Effects

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youtube-logoYouTube now has a dedicated editor built in to the site giving all users the opportunity to edit video they have previously uploaded. The range of options has even been expanded to include Instagram-style effects.

YouTube Editor

Google first rolled out a video editor on YouTube last year with a simple affair offering the chance to trim, drag and drop, add metadata, and add music made available through TestTube. But a team has been quiet beavering away on improving the offering for the past 12 months.

The new YouTube Editor has now gone live, and it’s a vast improvement over the last effort. It allows for the editing of all videos which haven’t yet managed to gain 1,000 views, which is the vast majority. Those which have become popular will be left intact, with a new post-edit video uploaded alongside it.

New Options and Effects

As well as the editing options already outlined, you can now stabilize handheld footage, rotate a video, and boost the contrast, colors, and lighting. Clicking Google favorite ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ will do the final three things in one.

As well as these basics, the YouTube Editor now also has a range of fun effects added as a result of Google’s acquisition of Picnik. These effects include converting it into black and white, adding a sepia tone, and giving it a cartoon feel.

The great thing is that all edits are reversible, or you can keep the original and save the edited version as a new video.


This is yet another tool in a YouTube user’s arsenal, and a welcome one at that. The Google-owned site is now not only the most popular online video destination (by a long way) but also a good place to make basic edits in order to fine-tune a clip to ready it for its debut on the Web.

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