YouTube Adds Magisto To Video Toolbox | Automatic Video Editor Enters The Bigtime

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YouTube Magisto LogoTwo things are probably key for any tech startup looking to make it beyond the first year: funding, and a partner willing and able to push you into the mainstream. Magisto already has both, despite having been up and running for just a few months, most of it in a closed beta.

Magisto Magic


is a online video editor unlike any other. Because although there are many already out there that offer a range of tools designed to make the user’s experience as simple as possible, Magisto goes one stage further and does everything automatically.

We covered Magisto in some depth just a few days ago on the news that it was launching to the general public after five months in a closed beta. Helping the Israeli-based company along the way was Li Ka-Shing, who put part of the $5.5 million up that represents Series B funding.

But Magisto had potentially bigger news under its belt.

Magisto On YouTube

The Magisto video editing tool is now available directly through YouTube, with the Google-owned company having added its automagic editor to its Create page. We covered this new effort to get more people than ever to create videos in March, when I even had a go at creating my own animation using GoAnimate.

Magisto has been added to a section of the site designed for absolute beginners, and is therefore totally separate from the new in-built YouTube editor which went live earlier this month.

In effect, YouTube users now have a full range of options open to them when uploading a video. They can manually or automatically edit videos, or they can create from scratch using the tools available on the Create page.


These kind of partnerships are good for all involved. YouTube gets a new tool for its users to play with, Magisto gets exposure and a chance to offer users paid features, and users of the online video site get a new weapon in their arsenal to create compelling videos.

[Via TechCrunch]

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