Blinkx Shares Rise On Takeover SpeculationBlinkx is currently the largest and most advanced Internet video search engine in the world. Something that seems to be of interest to both Google and media conglomerate News Corp.

The company, which is based in Cambridge and San Francisco, was launched in 2004 by Suranga Chandratillake. It is currently listed on the London Alternative Investment Market.

Intense Speculation

There is speculation that both Google and News Corp are interested in buying the company out, which has seen its shares rise by 50% in light of the talk.

It means the company is now valued at around $200, the hight valuation since September.

More Popular Than Google UK

The possibility of a buyout is quite high, as at the present time, Blinkx video search engine is more popular than Google UK. This would seem to make it a very attractive proposition for the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Blinkx has now released a statement about the bid speculation, and the share increases as a result, saying:

“The Board of blinkx plc notes the recent increase in the Company’s share price and confirms that it is not aware of any external bids or bid-related reason for the movement.”
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