Moves To Original Video Programming | Joining The Likes Of MySpace & MTV

51 sec read Moves To Original Video ProgrammingCompanies, both based online and off, are coming to realise the power of Web video to draw traffic in, and once it’s on the site, stay for a while exploring the content on offer.

One field which is utilising the relative ease of providing We based video to users is that of social networking sites.

Not content with providing people a place to connect and hook up, many of them are now providing content to keep people there long term.

The MySpace Model

We’ve seen MySpace launch many shows over the past year or so, most of which have been entirely original, and more often than not, made exclusively for the Web.

And now, a social network which allows people to share their music loves, which has consequently become many people’s favourite online destination, has joined the throng.

Interviews & Concert Footage

According to CNet, the site has announced a new series of original programming called Presents. The main bulk of the content will consist of interviews with well known stars such as Moby, as well as rising stars such as Santogold.

To compliment the interviews, there will also be a selection of live concert footage available on the site.

This is an intelligent move on the part of, as video is becoming such a standard across the Web, it’s almost expected on services such as this. has shown that it won’t be left behind.