Yume Networks | Customizable ads in video downloads

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Yume Networks Video Advertising

YuMe Networks Inc, a Redwood City-based web start-up, has stumbled upon the obvious idea of adding customizable adverts to video downloads.

This could include adding adverts to downloads from online video stores like iTunes or to those videos spread across video sharing platforms like BitTorrent.

Targeted Ads

This is not just the case of sticking a 2 minute advert in the middle of the video and hoping for the best. YuMe will allow ads to be interchangeable and targeted.

By the sounds of the press release adverts will be inserted on the fly and made suitable to the viewer, such as targeting the location of a viewer and replacing old out-dated adverts with relevant newer ones.  Advertisers will be able to track the advert including how long viewers watch it before skipping past it.

Adverts can appear in the middle of videos, at the end, the beginning or even as an overlay throughout the video.

Opening up a new business model

I have to admit I like the sound of this as it will likely encourage free legal downloads of TV shows and movies that are supported by adverts. Why should we always have to pay for VoD when there’s a good advertising monetization model available?