Apple & EMI to offer DRM free video downloads

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EMIRemember back in February when Steve Jobs of Apple said he wanted to abolish DRM and encouraged media owners not to demand DRM in media sold through the iTunes store.

It’s been a number of weeks since the early February announcement from Steve Jobs but we are beginning to see the first signs of action.

EMI has announced that it will be making its entire music and video catalog available without DRM protection by May. Maybe I’ve missed some but this is the first real action I’ve seen of DRM being removed.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for Jobs to put his money where his mouth is and remove DRM from Disney\Pixar movies. But it looks like Jobs has had a change of heart when it comes to removing DRM from video. Wait! It looks like EMI video will be the only DRM free video we’ll see from Apple.

In my opinion it’s all been a marketing ploy by Jobs and he only said it because he knew EMI was pushing for DRM music through the iTunes store.