YouTube Video Ads Get A Boost | Earning Revenue From YouTube Using Google AdSense

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YouTube LogoGoogle has announced two improvements to its AdSense video units which should make it much easier to generate revenue from embedding YouTube video ads.

First of all, the company has partnered with various major content producers. These new partners will allow their content to be syndicated across the sites of publishers who are willing to display video ads on their sites, meaning you can now share in the ad revenue of these content providers.

New Partners & Video Units

According to the AdSense Blog, the content partners include Broadbandtv, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and The Orchard. Programming will include content ranging from fashion, celebrity news, sports, technology, comedy and travel.

Secondly, the video units now support 728×90 and 160×600 formats (pictured below), allowing the advertising units to be embedded more easily in to your website.

New AdSense Video Unit

These will feature five video thumbnails, which are expanded to full-size when a user clicks on them. Ads will appear alongside, and site owners will then generate revenue from every ad clicked on.

Bizarrely Timed Announcement

You can read the full announcement on the official Google blog, and Quick Online Tips gives a great run-through of how to get these new units up and running on your website.

The timing of this is quite bizarre with Viacom winning the right to force YouTube to give up users names, IP addresses, and complete video histories. Let’s hope that doesn’t put anyone off using these new units.