YouTube Tic Tac Toe Uses Annotations and Videos Galore To Create Interactive Game

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Tic Tac ToeYouTube isn’t just the premier destination for videos of mad animals and even madder humans, although there is an abundance of those kinds of clips. It’s also home to movies, television shows, music videos, and games. That’s right, good, old-fashioned interactive entertainment.

Inventive YouTube Videos

There have been lots of inventive YouTube videos over the past few years, most of which have been posted on our sister site WebTVHub. These include Annoying Orange, and virals from Old Spice and Tippex.

And now we have a new game to suck all our time away from us: a YouTube version on the classic Tic Tac Toe. Unfortunately, what is the simplest game when played with pen and paper is a little trickier to recreate on a video site.

Interactive Tic Tac Toe

YouTube Tic Tac Toe has been created by video producer Rutter Jared. Great name, great game. It uses the annotation feature on YouTube to astounding effect, with 131 separate videos and more than 1,000 annotations required to cover every possible move and combination of moves in the game.

Jared told GigaOM that YouTube Tic Tac Toe required him to put in a month’s worth of 14-hour days, with the video editing and annotations being laborious work. And I doubt I’d have had the patience to see it through, if I’m honest.

The one aspect I don’t like is that it’s virtually impossible to win because we, as the player, always goes second, and everyone must know by now that Tic Tac Toe is usually won by the player who goes first. Which is Jared. Still, it’s fun losing in such an innovative environment.


As well as being fun for those of us who play the game, it’s a job for Jared as he has been making a living producing videos for YouTube since November 2010. YouTube has been trying to entice people to become full-time video creators of late, and it’s clearly working.