YouTube Launches Life In A Day Video Project | Ridley Scott Producing UGC Documentary

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Ridley ScottWith so many hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every day, it seems a shame we’re not making the most of all that video telling the story of how life is in this day and age.

Hopefully new film documentary Life In A Day will resolve this particular injustice, providing a kind of time capsule for future generations.

The Power Of YouTube

In its relatively short existence, YouTube has changed the world. By providing an outlet for video of all types and lengths, the Google-owned website has made stars of ordinary people (often very ordinary people) from all walks of life.

YouTube now gets in excess of two billion video views every single day. And it’s using this influence on the Web for crowdsourcing projects such as CitizenTube and YouTube Play.

And it’s now turning its hands to documentary film-making, with you and I as the stars. If we, and our clips, are good enough, that is.

Life In A Day

The Life In A Day project, as unveiled on the Official YouTube Blog, is an effort to document a day in the life of a cross-section of YouTube users, and by extension, modern society as a whole.

Everyone is invited to capture part of their day on July 24 on camera. Anything goes so long as it’s personal to the individual. For those who can’t think of anything interesting to film, there are stock questions such as, “What do you love?,” “What do you fear?,” and, “What makes you laugh?”

The most compelling clips uploaded will then be edited into a feature-length documentary by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, with Ridley Scott producing.

The final film will make its debut at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (which already has a relationship with YouTube) as well as on YouTube itself. Those people whose clips are used will be credited as co-directors.


This has the potential to be an amazing documentary that could provide an in-depth insight into life as we know it in 2010. And it will then remain as a time capsule for future generations.

I’ll be getting involved. Will you?