YouTube Integrates Google Moderator | Using Video Community As Crowdsource Commodity

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youtube-logoYouTube is integrating Google Moderator into the site, with all channel owners able to add the crowdsourcing platform to their channels. Which could open up some interesting possibilities for dialog between users and content creators

YouTube Community

YouTube has a large and very vocal community. The vast majority of videos generate comments and ratings. And while the comments aren’t always pleasant, they’re usually on topic, with the exception of the obvious and unavoidable spam which crops up from time to time.

Google Moderator

Google Moderator is a social platform that launched in 2008 but which has failed to really get much publicity. It can be used to foster answer to questions or suggestions to problems by anyone willing to contribute.

And it’s now arrived on YouTube in a big way.

Crowd Sourcing Online Video Viewers

Google Moderator has been used on YouTube a couple of times before, with selected partners and events such as interviews with the U.S. and Canadia presidents through Citizen Tube.

But YouTube is now fully integrating Google Moderator into the site. Every YouTube channel has the ability to add this dialog box. Any topic can be chosen, and either text or video submissions enabled. These will then be voted up or down by the community.

Twelve high-profile YouTube users – including The New York Times, Stanford University, and Howcast – are showing the way forward, in the hopes of inspiring other channel owners to follow suit.

Google Moderator seems to be ready-made for YouTube. And it adds a social networking/crowdsourcing element to YouTube’s already impressive real-time capabilities.


This is a great way to utilize the YouTube community and make them feel an even bigger part of the site than they do already. And for content creators, it means gaining the views of the audience and responding to it just got a whole lot easier.

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