YouTube has announced video ads for this summer

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YouTube Logo

I often wondered how long it would go before YouTube would decide to bring video adverts into user-uploaded-video and now YouTube has announced that video ads will be coming as soon as this summer.

Why are ads here now?

YouTube has probably being holding off with video adverts for 2 reasons:

  1. It wanted to secure a large market share of the video market consisting of loyal users to reduce the impact of losing users over ads
  2. It wanted to clear up copyright concerns because having ads inserted in pirated video would cause a lot of problems.

YouTube must now feel it has met these two criteria as it has announced a copyright detection system and currently holds a 45% market share in the video market which is so stable it’s growing!

Pre Roll and Post Roll

The adverts that YouTube will be using will consist of a short introductory advert. This will probably be 3-5 seconds long and be something like a company logo or a product along with a short spoken byline.

There will also be a longer post-roll advert but hopefully that won’t be too long or intrusive, probably around 15 seconds max. Ms. Reiner, the woman in charge of advertising at YouTube said: “We’re not looking for 30-second commercial spots.”