YouTube Analytics Offers Insight Into Video Statistics To Help Creators Make Better Videos

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YouTube 3D LogoYouTube is keen to help us all become video creators. But good video creators. And to help us all wring the most out of the clips we’re uploading to the site, YouTube Analytics has been created. If you like statistics you’ll be in hog heaven with this offering.

YouTube Insight

It’s all well and good creating a video and uploading it to the Web. People may watch it, and it may even go viral. But unless you know who is looking, how they learned about your video and arrived on your YouTube page, and which parts of the video they liked or disliked then there is little chance of learning what worked and didn’t work. Which is where analytics come into play.

YouTube has been offering video analytics on the site since March 2008 when it rolled YouTube Insight out to all users. This gave video creators a detailed set of statistics about who viewed their videos, how long they viewed them for, and from where they came. But there was definite room for improvement.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube realized this, and has today rolled out YouTube Analytics to “everyone on a modern browser.” YouTube Analytics replaces Insight lock, stock, and barrel. It actually uses the same data, but the trick is delivering it to video creators in new ways which will help them see the patterns much more easily.

YouTube Analytics offers a quick overview, showing the most important statistics. These can then be explored on a deeper level to allow for a much more precise understanding of the correlation between the content and the audience it is attracting.

In conjunction with the new-look YouTube Analytics, which itself is inspired by Google Analytics, YouTube has updated the Creator Playbook. This is a detailed how-to guide for all budding video creators who want to understand how they can maximize their chances for success.


YouTube’s ultimate goal here is to get people creating better videos. The higher the quality and the more watchable they are the more people are going to view them. Which means more eyes seeing adverts and more revenue. Still, everyone likes sifting through statistics, don’t they?

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