Women watch less online video than men

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Woman Using a ComputerWhen it comes to the internet men are always out there in front spending wasted hours sitting in front of the PC screen while the women catch up on their favorite soaps. It’s no surprise to me then that women lag behind when it comes to watching online video.

A study be eMarketer shows that 78% of male internet users will watch video online video this year, while only 66% of women will.

Women use the internet more

eMarketer also says, to my surprise, that there are more women online than men so maybe I’m wrong about women watching soaps instead of playing on the internet!

The study also goes on to say that instead of playing women, especially adult women, are more likely to use the Internet to get things done, rather than to have fun.

Well I think by getting things done it means buying clothes and jewellery on eBay. At least that’s what all the women I know mainly use the internet for, shopping!

Different online viewing habits between sexes

The graph below outlines the differences in viewing habits for online video for both men and women:

eMarketer Genders compared

[Via eMarketer]

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