Joost thinks its piracy proof

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Pirate Skull

Joost has just announced that it will be adding independent films to its lineup of channels, but when I looked closer at the press release I noticed that Joost made this statement:

“Content creators and owners of all sizes are utilizing Joost’s high-quality, piracy-proof Internet platform.”

That is one heck of a bold claim to make. If Joost thinks that it won’t be possible for someone to record the videos broadcast on Joost, cut out the adverts, and distribute them illegally over the net then it is extremely misguided.

No matter how fool proof the anti-piracy technology someone always finds a way around it.

Such a bold claim from Joost is odd considering Joost was founded by the two people who created Kazaa, a file sharing application that fed on pirate music and videos.

Of course if Joost keeps the adverts to a minimum, which appears to be the case so far, then the desire for piracy will be less, but that still won’t stop those people that want a hard copy burned to a DVD.