Watch Islamic Video Online With | Muslim YouTube Launches

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Muslim Channels TV is a new Web portal being launched in the US to offer an alternative to YouTube and MySpace to Muslims, and people of other faiths, around the world.

Live Broadcasts & UGC

The site will offer two very different streams of content, with live broadcasts from TV channels around the world which are skewed towards Muslims, as well as user-generated content.

According to the press release, deals have already been signed with channels such as Al Jazeera English; Tehran-based, globally available English-language news channel Press TV; US satcaster Link TV; and international analysis programme Democracy Now!; as well as religious programmes, such as Huda TV, from Saudi Arabia, and UK-based satcaster Islam Channel.

Content From Islamic Leaders

In terms of UGC, Stephanie Khan, communications director for Muslim Channels explained that they are hoping for content from Islamic leaders and their followers to be added very quickly.

“We are optimistic many of our scholars and Imams from the 1,000-plus Islamic centres across the country, and our user base, will add tens of thousands of pieces of useful content.”

Non-Profit Alternative

The portal is to be a non-profit organisation offering all business users, regardless of their faith, the opportunity to place free video advertising on the site. However, no sexual or hate-based videos will be permitted on the site. will offer a good alternative for Muslims to watch Islamic video online, and be a competitor for YouTube and MySpace, which tends to have a more anything goes policy with content.