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Video Conferencing

Web Video Chat Comes Of Age With Hangouts on Google+ and Skype on Facebook

It wasn’t long ago when the idea of chatting face to face with video was considered futuristic and pie in the...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

SuperTinTin Review | Skype Video & Audio Recorder Software for Live Video Calls

SuperTinTin is webcam recording software for Skype that records both audio and video from Skype calls and emails. What is SuperTinTin?...
1 min read

Yahoo Messenger 10 New Video Chat & WebCam Features | Users Complain About Design & Bugs

As Yahoo prepares a new version of its Yahoo Messenger chat application, a beta version of Yahoo Messenger 10 is already...
1 min read

Sightspeed 6 Review | The Online Video Interview Recorder Is Here But Is It Any Good?

Recording video interviews is a lot harder than it sounds. The ability to record good quality video during a one to...
Robin Good
5 min read

Festoon Gone? Third Party Skype Video Conferencing Plugin Disappeared

Festoon (previously known as vSkype) had created a third party add-on that would allow you to use Skype for video conferencing....
Chris Tew
34 sec read | Live Video Social Networking Launched has released what it says will be the next evolutionary step in social networking – its free Social Video Network....
Clayton Moulynox
55 sec read

Operator 11 | Your Own Free Live Internet Television Network

Operator 11 is a new social networking Internet Television service, combining streaming live video and audio casts. I recently participated in...
Russell Heimlich
1 min read

Free Video Calling Software | 3 recommendations

If you want to make video calls over the internet to keep in touch with friends, or even for basic video...
Chris Tew
52 sec read

Polycom RMX 2000 Review

Released just a few months ago in February the Polycom RMX 2000 is one of the most advanced and sophisticated pieces...
Chris Tew
54 sec read

Video Conference Calls | 7 more tips

Continuing from our last 7 tips for web video conference calls, here are 7 more. 1. Annotation When showing slides, documents,...
Chris Tew
1 min read

Web Videoconferencing | 7 tips for success

Web videoconferencing is becoming increasingly popular driven by reductions in costs and improved technology. It is now recognized as a cost...
Chris Tew
2 min read

Translation & Video Conferencing Services

The internet has truly made global business and global communication phenomenally easier. The growth in video conferencing services has meant that...
Chris Tew
26 sec read

Budget Video Conferencing | Cheap Video Conference using Skype Free Video Calling

Video conferencing can often become an expensive process and there can be a lot to organize as I discussed in the...
Chris Tew
1 min read

Videoconference Services | An introduction

With the explosion in broadband video the technology for videoconferencing has also evolved making a smaller world for businesses. Below are...
Chris Tew
20 sec read

Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conferencing equipment can often reach $10,000US or more when putting together equipment for large conferences, especially if video is being...
Chris Tew
35 sec read

Videoconference Software

Usually this is taken care of by the videoconference service company that you are dealing with. Rather than thinking of the...
Chris Tew
35 sec read

Organizing a Video Conference

If you’ve gone to all the trouble of setting up the technology for a video conference then you need to be...
Chris Tew
46 sec read

Videoconference Service Companies

There are a large number of videoconference service companies around the globe, in fact there is too many to list here....
Chris Tew
17 sec read

Videoconferencing can get complicated

With video conferencing you need to consider the equipment that you will use, the software you will need, how to organize...
Chris Tew
36 sec read