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SuperTinTin is webcam recording software for Skype that records both audio and video from Skype calls and emails.

What is SuperTinTin?

SuperTintin is a webcam recording application for Skype. SuperTintin can record audio and video streams for all kinds of Skype calls and voicemails. The program requires Skype 3.0 or higher.

As an aside, ‘SuperTinTin’ is sort of a goofy name (for some reason it makes me think of a 1960’s TV dog with super powers…)

Features of SuperTinTin

SuperTinTin works with both the audio and video features of Skype. You can record both audio and video from calls and voice mails, with the ability to record and playback as well.

It also captures original media data, insuring that no data is lost. Since it isn’t a screen-capture recorder, the video quality isn’t affected from opening, closing or changing the size of Skype windows while recording.

How to Get Started with SuperTinTin

SuperTinTin is available for download from a number of places online such as CNET. Available as shareware for a (meager) 5-minute recording trial, it’s $24.95 if you want to purchase it.

I downloaded, installed it, and toyed around with the software on my PC. It’s very simplistic in its design, with options for recording and playback, and the ability to open the recent file folder in explorer. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but to it’s credit it was a fast install and ran quickly.

SuperTintin running on my desktop

Reviews and Feedback about SuperTinTin

There were only a couple reviews on CNet, both of which seemed unimpressed with the audio recording of SuperTinTin.

Softsea listed out a number of helpful features about the SuperTinTin, such as the fact that you can browse other web pages or videos during the recording, meaning that you can minimize the MSN/Skype/Yahoo Messenger window while its recording.

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