Torpedo Budget Projector Review | Cheap Low-Res Projection with Built-In Speakers for TV, Gaming & More

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Torpedo projector - or perhaps a disembodied droid from Star Wars...

The Torpedo Projector can project TV, computer games, photos and movies anywhere on a wall or ceiling.

An Inexpensive Projector for Home Media

Torpedo Game and Entertainment Projector enables you to project content from computers, DVD, TV and other media. All you need for this projector is a power outlet and a large, blank wall or garage door. While the output is not high definition, for around $170 it costs much less than other higher-resolution projectors.

The Torpedo Game and Entertainment Projector gives you a projection that is over six-foot diagonally projection, with a resolution of 960 by 240 pixels.

The Torpedo project works with:

  • A home PC
  • TV (satellite, cable)
  • DVD players
  • Wii
  • X-Box
  • Nintendo
  • Playstation
  • Digital Cameras
  • iPod
  • etc.

Other Details about the Torpedo Projector

The Torpedo requires a 35 watt 3,000 hour halogen bulb that is included with the system, and which can easily be replaced if needed.

The unit also has built-in speakers and amplifier for audio from the TV or video game system, but it also offers an optional headphone jack if you want to hear the audio privately.

Video Review of the Torpedo Projector

Online Reviews of the Torpedo Projector

The New York Times ran a decent piece on this, identifying some of the key features offered with the Torpedo projector, pointing out that this runs considerably less than higher-resolution models.

Reviews on AboutProjector were all over the board: some are legitimately happy with it, and others feel ripped off by an inferior product.

Torpedo Projector – Prices, Deals and Discounts

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