SuperPages Video Launches | Internet Video Advertising For Small Businesses

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Superpages LogoIdearc Media has recently announced
a successful trial and the national launch of SuperPages Video,
after a trial run of embedding videos in business listings in a group
of test markets.

SuperPages Video has been developed to allow
“small-to-medium-sized businesses to
communicate the uniqueness of their products, services or business

Businesses who opt to use this new advertising service will
either the option of submitting an existing video to SuperPages to be
added to their listing, or they can have a video professional come out
and record up to an hour of footage to be turned into a 30 or 60-second

Available 24/7

Advantages of internet video advertising over traditional
television advertising are a much lower cost and the fact that the web
ad will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever a
consumer may need to view it.

Consumers making a large purchase, seeking a service
provider or using a business for the first time often look for evidence
that a business is trustworthy and provides high-quality

Superpages Video communicates the uniqueness of your
product, service
or business environment.

Several example
video ads
have already been added, such as one for La
Mexican Restaurant in Lake Stevens, WA.

Eric Chandler of
Idearc Media

“We received such great reception from small businesses for
advertising in the Seattle, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay areas
that it made sense to roll it out nationally,”

“Our local sales force and Internet sales channel are now
selling the product across the country.”

According to a June
by the Online
Publishers Association,
52 percent of web video viewers ended up visiting the web site or
making a purchase after viewing a video ad. 

Superpages Video Listing


Furthermore, an Idearc user
satisfaction survey of SuperPages revealed that 75% of visitors say
that they definitely plan on contacting the business they find on
Superpages, while 50% of those actually plan to purchase a product or
service from that business.

It appears that SuperPages has really done their homework and
up with the ever-changing trends of the web to provide what is best for
both businesses and their consumers. 

If recent findings follow through,
should have a very hot new service on their hands that businesses will
definitely want to take advantage of.

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