R2-D2 Webcam Review | Star Wars Lightsaber-styled Skype VOIP Phone & Web Camera

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The R2-D2 Webcam - the Force is with this Webcam

The R2-D2 Web Cam offers you your own Star Wars webcam droid with a lightsaber-style Skype-compatable phone.

The Force is with this Webcam

R2-D2 Webcam is controlled by a voice-enabled phone that looks like a Star Wars lightsaber. Made to work with Skype, this is an impressive, albeit costly (around $350) and fun webcam for the die-hard Star Wars fan.

The R2-D2 webcam be used to record and playback digital movies, take snapshots or even monitor your room remotely. The camera can tilt 72 degrees up and down, move forwards and in reverse, as well as turn a full 360 degrees.

Other Features of R2-D2

A clever feature of this webcam is that there are sensors on R2’s front leg that detect the edge of a table and automatically stops it from crashing to the floor, while also giving an audible warning. Nice feature for those who bought this thing and don’t want to accidentally send it spiralling to the floor!

The camera is a 628 x 528 pixel, with Wi-Fi capabilities on this that allow you to control R2-D2’s movements and access the web camera from a laptop or a PC from virtually anywhere. But I wonder, can it launch a lightsaber to you when you’re in a bind at Jabba’s palace while trying to rescue Han?

Size Matters Not!

Not quite “actual size” to the Star Wars films, this webcam measures 8 1/2-inches tall x 5 1/4-inches wide x 5 1/2-inches long, so it can fit reasonably on a desktop.

An additional note is that batteries are included with this webcam, and the Lightsaber VOIP/USB phone has a 14-day battery life in standby mode.

Video review of the R2-D2 Webcam

Online reviews of the R2-D2 Webcam

The wireless aspect of this camera was a hit with the folks at CNet. You can basically cruise it around as your own personal mobile spy camera. They also noted the built-in sensors to prevent crashes and falls (an ideal feature for an investment like this one.)

T3 liked that the software that comes with this R2 unit allows you to overlay different cockpits like the X-wing and the Millennium Falcon, to give the appearance of flying around in one of these spacecraft from the Star Wars universe. This webcam really covered all the bases for the Star Wars fan.

R2-D2 Webcam – Prices, Deals and Discounts

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