New YouTube Editor Proves Successful | ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button Used By Millions Already

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YouTube 3D LogoYouTube now not only offers a place to easily and speedily upload videos to, but also the ability to edit them after the process has been completed. And the new YouTube editor has proved a big hit in the two months since it debuted.

YouTube Editor


has long been keen on improving the quality of content on the site. Cute cat videos are great, but premium content is better. And while badly-shot video is better than no video, video you can actually watch without having to skint to see any detail is better.

YouTube has offered editing options to its users for some time, with simple, on-site tools having been available since 2010. And in September 2011 YouTube launched a new editor which upped the number of options and usability of the features on offer by a considerable margin.

I’m Feeling Lucky

The new YouTube editor allows anyone with an uploaded video viewed less than 1,000 times to edit it. Options include the ability to trim, drag and drop, add metadata, add music, stabilize handheld footage, rotate, and boost the contrast, colors, and lighting. One press on the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button does the last three in one simple, fluid, user-free sweep.

According to NewTeeVee, YouTube product manager Jason Toff has revealed that two million users have so far edited four million videos using the new set of tools.

He also revealed the brains behind the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button, with YouTube summer intern Timothy Wong completing the project he was set to “find a way to make videos better just by pressing a button,” in under two months.


It’s easy to forget how far we have come on this score. Just 10 years ago the idea that people would be shooting video on their phones and uploading it to a website minutes later was unfathomable.

To then suggest that same video could be improved long after it was shot would have blown people’s minds. And someone would have been there to capture than moment on film, no doubt.

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