Bebo Drives One Billion Video Views A Month | Social Network Creating Original Programming

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Bebo Drives One Billion Video Views A MonthWe learnt yesterday that social music network has started creating original video programming to drive traffic to it. These will take the form of music interviews and live concert footage.

Now, Bebo, the third largest social network behind MySpace and Facebook has announced that it too is starting to create original programming, including a reality TV show called Gap Year.

The show will follow six lucky Bebo members as they travel the globe all expenses paid.

One Billion Video Views A Month

While speaking to, Ziv Navoth, Vice President of Bebo also spoke about hos many video views the network drives, an astonishing one billion every month.

This is made possible by the fact that Bebo allows many different players to be used on the site, taking an open platform approach rather than forcing publishers to use their own player.

Here is the full interview with Navoth, which suggests that Bebo sees Web video as an important element of its experience.

Interview With Ziv Navoth

Navoth makes some interesting points, especially about how Internet video has become a new way for people to find fame, and the advertising possibilities of Web video in the future.