DMGI Choose Telestream Episode Series Transcoding Tools

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dmgi.jpgTelestream, a leading provider of media workflow solutions (basically easing the process of getting video ready for broadcast), has announced that its Episode Series encoding applications have been handpicked by digital media aggregator and distributor, Digital Music Group Inc (DMGI).

DMGI basically pushes online content by doing all of the admin i.e. processing, encoding, delivering, and marketing before punting the transcoded material into the market place.

Big Names Under Its Belt

Founded in 2005 with an express focus on music it wasn’t until 2006 that the company branched out into video content. Now the household names that DMGI processes video for include big hitters such as iTunes, Joost, YouTube, Walmart, Amazon, Veoh, Netflix, Helio and mSpot.

Great work if you can get it and judging by that who’s who of broadband video customer list, it looks like DMGI have something of a stronghold on the corporate transcoding market, making this deal great news for Telestream.

Episode Engine is a perfect addition to DMGI’s high-volume Final Cut Pro workflow. It underscores the value of Episode’s scalability to start with a desktop application, easily expand to a server-based solution and continue to grow to a clustered server environment to meet DMGI’s rapidly growing business needs

Said David Heppe, President/COO at Telestream *whilst laughing all the way to the bank* (probably).

[Via Press Release]