Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape Goes Viral – Smartwater Commercial Mocks Online Video

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Jennifer Aniston Viral VideoWould you watch a Jennifer Aniston sex tape? Of course you would, because the former Friends star is smokin’ hot. How about a viral video which uses all the tricks in the book in order to gain more viewers? Hmm, maybe not so much, but it is definitely worth watching.

Online Video Virals

Online video viral marketing has become another tool in an advertiser’s arsenal. And many have used this new form of reaching out and gaining traction spectacularly well.

The Old Spice adverts were brilliant, especially when they went real-time. As was the inventive Tippex campaign which enabled multiple endings. Weezer then promoted their album Hurley via viral videos, and lest we forget the much-loved Evian Roller Babies.

And now there is a new entry…

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Jennifer Aniston’s career hasn’t gone all that well since Friends ended, but she’s still popular and still very recognizable. Which makes her a good choice to front a new viral advertising campaign.

We get to see that lip-syncing kid, cute puppies, a skateboarding dog, a talking parrot, dancing babies, the Double Rainbow guy, and a guy getting kicked in the nuts, all engineered by a team of “three lovely Internet boys.”

This is a great video because it mocks other viral videos and mocks itself too. It does make me wonder where viral video advertising can go from here. It will take something very original and inventive to top this.


After all, water is water, right? Still, that doesn’t stop millions of people from spending fortunes on bottled water every year, so it’s not exactly a bad market to try and make a splash in (pun intended).

Smartwater has been very clever with this slice of marketing. At the time of writing the video has been viewed more than 6 million times, and if even a small percentage of those people buy the product then this will, to use Charlie Sheen‘s favorite phrase, be a big win. And for a fraction of the cost of a TV advertising campaign.

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